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IC-WNDT-MI Presentation:

Under the aegis of the General Directorate of Scientific Research and Technological Development, the Research Center in Industrial Technologies organizes, in collaboration with University of Skikda “20 Août 1955”, the 6th International Conference on Welding, Non Destructive Testing and Materials Industry (IC-WNDT-MI).
This scientific event is updated to meet the expectations of the large number of national and international scientists and experts, from both academic and industrial world, who are waiting for this opportunity that becomes a tradition over the years in order to meet and exchange experiences and knowledge.
Moreover, it is an ideal occasion for scientific paper presentation and workshop organization in the field of welding and non destructive testing.
The IC-WNDT-MI 18 conference will be held in Skikda from November 7th to November 8th 2018 to complement the previous IC-WNDT-MI conferences that were held every couple years in different cities of the country in collaboration with many promising universities.

Official language:

English is the official language of the conference.

Registration and paper submission are done through the link that follow where a form is obtainable to be filled out:
As far as the paper is concerned, the already mentioned online link is available to submit the concerned document For extra information, the two following e-mail addresses are intended to answer the authors concerns: ;
Industrialists wishing to participate with booths are invited to contact us at the email addresses indicated above.